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Creative high-end  sports retouching by Tom Hanslien

Sports - Nike Campaign for NFL Jersey - Allen Bernard Hurns.

Nike Brand Design (client), Village Green (creative agency) and DigiSurgeon (creative retouching).

Production animation:


I really enjoyed working on this campaign for Nike Brand Design with the design agency Village Green. It was a long-running project but all encompassing from the ideas stage through to the final set of images - one for each team in the American National Football League (NFL) showcasing their kit.

This image is of Allen Bernard Hurns - then playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

We started off with a blank canvas - just some athlete images from a previous Colour Rush campaign - and created a vast number of iterations from the crazy through to the mundane - the Art Directer then narrowed down a selection to send over to Nike Brand Design. We had some favourites, and it turned out that one of these favourites was the final route that we then started to develop further and finesse.

Also, at the last stages of the finalising of the campaign it was decided to create a few group images too - they turned out to be great dynamic action portraits.

Creative sports retouching by Tom Hanslien