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Creative high-end retoucher Tom Hanslien

An expert in creative post-production and retouching

In 2004 I established DigiSurgeon to offer my independent expertise in creative post-production and photo retouching to global brands across automotive, sport, property, beauty and fashion sectors. As a photographer, I have an instinctive  appreciation of imagery and understands the importance of achieving a natural, realistic look in his post-production work.

Having worked with creative agencies and studios for many years, I recognised a growing frustration with image retouching services that took a blinkered approach to post-production, often following instructions rigidly but nearly always with little regard for what the finished image should look like. I set up DigiSurgeon to offer a creative retouching and post-production service that respects the authenticity of the photograph and genuinely understands the creative vision.


From an early age, I was drawn to photography and started taking pictures of farm animals, derelict buildings and landscapes  from my home town in Norway. After gaining a BA in Photography from the Kent Institute of Art & Design (now the University of the Creative Arts), I moved to London and began a career in photography and post-production working with Douglas Fisher - well regarded as a pioneer in digital 3D environments and post-production - and later, the renowned photographer and CGI image maker, Carl Lyttle.


Since I established DigiSurgeon from my London studio, I’ve worked with creative agencies, post-production studios, photographers, image libraries and magazines including:

Addison Corporate Marketing Ltd, Blue Hive, Cheil Worldwide, CHI & Partners, EG+ Worldwide, Frontroom, GQ Magazine, Iris, JWT, Ketchum Pleon, Kindred Agency, Monocle, MyPlace Magazine, Ogilvy Mather, Rosilee, Siegel+Gate, Smoke and Mirrors, Spark 44, TAG Worldwide, Village Green, Winkreative, Schalterhalle Postproduksion, Haygarth and This Little Fish.

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Creative high-end retoucher Tom Hanslien